Brad Pearlman goes into the water to find her; the creature comes out of the storm to find him.

They say war is hell and they’re right.  Iraq was a nightmare and all Brad wants to do is forget it.  So he takes a trip to an out-of-the-way vacation spot: False Key.  It’s a beautiful place–white beaches, blue water, and lots of girls.  That last part is where things get interesting.

Octavia is beautiful, sexy, and mysterious.  There’s something about her Brad can’t quite put his finger on, but it’s magic.  Pure magic.  She takes him home for a roll in the sheets and afterwards, a surprise game of Monopoly.  No problem there, Brad loves the game, but his luck changes when storm clouds roll off the water and the ocean begins to rise.  Waves demolish the house, Octavia disappears, and Brad is swept out to sea.

There’s something out there and while Brad is looking for Octavia, it is looking for him.


Octavia appears in Somewhere South of Reason, a False Key anthology of short fiction and poetry.